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420119 LumiQuest SoftBox III

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Lumiquest SoftBox III  (LQ-119)

The SoftBox III is roughly twice the size of our original SoftBox, thereby producing considerably softer shadows.  It fits conventional flashes (Nikon, Canon, Sunpak, Vivitar, etc.).  Like the original SoftBox (LQ-107) the SoftBox III is center weighted but it will block autofocus assist and interfere with auto exposure UNLESS you are using TTL.

Application: This is the largest SoftBox we offer.  For use when shadow/softness is more important than portability.

Approximate Light Loss: 2 stops

Dimensions: Folds flat to 8” x 9”

LumiQuest Softboxes video tutorial - Learn more about the various Softboxes available Video Tutorial: Learn about Softboxes

LumiQuest SoftBox III
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